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If you want to enjoy one of the best coffee’s available, you should try Café Quindío, Colombia’s leading brand of coffee and products derived from coffee.  Café Quindío Gourmet Coffee is renowned and recognized in Colombia, and in a growing number of markets around the world, as one of the top brands of extra fine coffee.

Cafe Quindio Gourmet CoffeeCharacterized by its smooth, natural acidity and its intense aroma, Café Quindío GOURMET Coffee is becoming recognized as one of the most highly-rated and sought-after single-origin Colombian coffees.

Café Quindío consistently offers an exceptionally high quality coffee of extraordinary taste.  It is produced from the fincas around the beautiful city of Armenia, capital city of Quindío, the smallest of Colombia’s departments.  At an elevation of 1400 meters, the Quindio region produces the finest of Colombia’s extraordinary coffee.

While all Colombian coffee is from the Coffea arabica species, Café Quindío GOURMET uses only the highest grade supremo beans which are carefully hand-selected from the coffee fincas located in mountainous region of Quindío, Colombia and is Café Quindío’s selection and manufacturing process, using modern technology and packaging, ensures that our coffee retains its fresh characteristics until it is enjoyed by you.

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