Coffee Culture

Learning about coffee culture is important in order to have the best possible coffee experience.  We have included a few tips here to help you learn some of the elements of coffee culture.

The perfect cup of coffee requires both quality and freshness.

The flavors and aromas that make Cafe Quindio so delicious are only discovered with freshly roasted, freshly ground beans.

Buy coffee frequently — weekly, if possible.
We make the extra effort to roast every one of our coffees daily and to deliver fresh roasted coffee to your grocery store weekly or more frequently. This ensures you enjoy your Cafe Quindio at its peak of flavor.

Grind coffee yourself just before brewing.
When it comes to sealing in freshness, we strongly recommend buying whole beans and grinding just before brewing. This way more flavor goes into your cup rather than dissipating into the air. The coffee bean acts as its own container, holding in flavor and aromatic compounds. Once ground, the complexity and richness begins to dissipate. Discover your beans potential with our recommended burr grinders for their consistent grind, superior flavor extraction and range of grind settings.

Store your coffee in an airtight container.
Then place it in a cool, dry, dark place to protect it against the staling effects of heat, light, and moisture. Consider the airtight security of the recommended storage containers canisters which we’ve personally tested.